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Better than WiFi

  • Consistent with speed

    Your movies and games don't have to pause randomly and buffer long.  Your download speeds will be what you paid your ISP for, FINALLY....

  • Reliable and Secure

    You don't have to worry about neighbors hacking or stealing your WiFi because you would be on a wired connection.  Internet disconnects should only happen when you physically disconnect the connection

  • Ease-of-use

    All you would do is plug things in electrical sockets, then pair it (takes seconds), then connect it to your devices.  Just that easy and simple


How do you set up the adapter?

Plug one adapter straight to power outlet near your router.  Connect that adapter with your router via ethernet cable. 

Plug the other adapter to another power outlet that is near your gaming device or smart tv.  Connect that adapter with your device via ethernet cable.

Pair the adapters via button on the adapters.

Now you're done.  More reliable than buying the best gaming wireless router ever.

Can I use this with power strips, extension cords, ect?

No, it is meant to have a direct connection to your electrical power outlet.  Power strips causes interference to the device.  Simply put, just don't do it.

Is 500Mbps fast enough for me?

Lets put it this way... 4K Ultra HD stream requirements is 13 Mbps.... I think we got you covered.

Is Shipping free?

You buy from me and you are like family to me.  Yah shipping is free :)

Are the adapters any good / worth it / better than range extenders and repeaters?

Absolutely!  These adapters are good for gaming among other things, like youtube or watching on videos on Netflix.  You might need it for devices like Roku or Chromecast where you need something reliable.  It is also good for business too, Since it beats your business wi-fi when connected with business routers. 

You might have asked how to boost your wifi signal before.  They show you to boost wifi signal with aluminum foil and it turns out to be pathetic.  Then you ask, are pure wifi repeaters any good, and you find the best wifi range extender or repeater and you find and they are complicated and don't work as well.  You end end up searching why wifi repeater disconnects and the answer is just that it deals with wifi.  Your ps4 or smart tv just won't work well with it, but you need wifi for your tablet or smartphone, and thats why we have a combo that is a wifi repeater / wifi extender / powerline adapter.

I get it, you live with roommates, have a large house or live in a 2-story home and you simply cant have ethernet wires all around.  This method uses hidden wiring so no one will complain.

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Can I use the powerline adapter with Nintendo switch?

Switch doesn't normally come with an ethernet / LAN port but you can get an adapter here

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Buy Wavlink 500Mbps adapter